Siegesfest (imitating Schiller)

See them feasting on the shambles
Of a nation laid to waste:
Tasting victory in haste,
Recklessly a victor gambles.

Waves of popular revulsion,
Rising high from now to then,
By the year of 2010
Should provide for their expulsion!



Not to make your small chances littler
Of survival under his
New New Deal, do not call him Hitler -
And especially if he is!


It can't happen here?

The Depression brought Hitler to power.
Now the markets are in free fall…
Will the same thing happen in our
Time and country? God help us all!

2 lines

The news that hurt the nation,
Helped this Obamanation.


4 lines

Barack, you darling of Hamas!
You protégé of Ayres!
Don't give yourself such airs:
Watch Sarah kick your @$$!


McCain vs. Obama

Two contenders: one's a leader,
The other, a teleprompter reader.



Coquettishly tilting his head to the right
And smiling a radiant smile,
With blacks he is black,
with whites he is white;

No substance - but plenty of style.

He's soothingly tickling your every nerve:
Recline and enjoy and relax...
To pay extra taxes,
your neighbor will serve -

Not you, but your neighbor, he'll tax!

And you will be getting
a check in the mail!

Check in the mail! Check in the mail!
To send you that money
he never will fail -

As soon as he closes this sale.


On the death of Tony Snow

Undeserved, both luck and doom
Bless or blight our mortal lives:
Sleeps Patroclus in his tomb,
Vile Thersites lives and thrives.
(Translated from Schiller's Das Siegesfest)



Pastorgate - Pflegergate -
Time to dis-asso-ciate!

The fierce urgency of "now"
Fiercely urges to disavow!

The lid is blown - too much is known.
Disavow, but not disown!

Hush, Michelle - please don't tell -
Stick that flag in my lapel!

Watch your way - be sure to say
"Bless" - not "d..." the USA!


Should anybody find my lost PARROT,
please be aware that,

while I cannot disown the bird,
I do not share its extreme views.


Brutus is an honourable man.

How odd that Senator Obama’s friends,
His patrons, his promoters, his allies,
His mentor and spiritual guide, his wife
All damn America, all call her names,
All want her punished for her wicked ways;
Some even tried to blow her up themselves.
He surely, surely does not share such views,
He is himself an honorable man,
A friend of knaves but not himself a knave.
He swam through muck, but he remains quite clean -
To even doubt this would be downright mean.


The ZPG Carol

[ZPG = Zero Population Growth]

King Herod the Malthusian
Was cast into confusion
By rumors of a
Baby Bomb
Time-set in his vicinity -
Predicted with a great aplomb
By doctors of divinity.

On hearing this he turned quite
-It pleased him not at all.
It really, really raised his spleen
And made his spirit fall;
And courtiers standing by his throne
"I hear it ticking!" heard him groan.

But once the bile had reached his head,
He spoke aloud, and this he said:
I must be quite severe.
I think all babies should be dead,
To save the Ecosphere.
Not for myself I fear -
It is the Ecosphere.

All children warm the air,
I deeply, deeply care -
And this is what I'll do:

To stop this air pollution,
As experts all agree,
The only right solution
Is a stringent ZPG!
Prepare for execution -
I'll prune your family tree!

Such was the grim conclusion
Of Herod the Malthusian.

He did not win, although he tried.
The Baby lived. King Herod died.
The "Baby Bomb" exploded
With splendid overkill;
The Ecosphere eroded,
And is eroding still.

The human tree is growing:
Increase and Multiply!
Fill the earth to overflowing -
Then go and fill the sky!

The Bomb, it must have missed us,
In spite of great eclat:
So have a Merry Christmas
And a Happy Hanukkah!


Blinking Sign

Now you see it, now you don't -
Blinking sign in his lapel.
How he will, and how he won't
Serve his country - who can tell?


The Face in the Mirror

"No appeasement", - Bush declares
In a speech across the sea.
Cries Obama: "How he dares!
All such words refer to me!"

"No betrayal", - Bush declares, -
"Munich was a bad mistake."
"He means me!", - Obama blares, -
"This is more than I can take!"

Watch the darling of Hamas
Acting like a perfect ass.